Solar deck lights

What are solar deck lights?

Solar deck lights are basically lights for for your deck, driveway or garden which operate buy harvesting the light during the day when the sun is up and charging a battery, when the sun comes down and there is no sufficient light outside the Solar Deck Lights will turn on and illuminate your driveway, deck or garden. It uses efficient led lights and can provide lights for few hours.

Harvest the sun – Photo by Ian Nicole Reambonanza on Unsplash

Who is it for?

Solar deck lights are a perfect fit for people from sunny states/cities that want to enhance their back yard looks during the night by adding the illumination of Solar Deck Lights and do it for affordable price without the mes

Solar panels – Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

Easy to install

Usually Solar Deck Lights arrive with two screws and dibbles, allowing easy installation, however you can also use strong Double-sided adhesive paper, I installed all the lights in my garden and walkways using this Mounting Tape, it holds really well and will be really easy to remove or replace.


The low price of a few dollars per light is not the only savings you will do purchasing a Solar Deck Light, the main savings is by not calling your contractor and electrician to install weirs all across you garden, this will require cutting trough grass, pathways, roads and walls to install electric cables, restoring everything back to the original state, this can take days or weeks and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Solar Deck Lights takes minutes, position the light on you desired location, mark two holes, drill and screw the lights.

Alternatively, just apply two small peaces of Double-sided adhesive paper to the rear of the light clean the area you want to install the light on and place it, thats it……

Green and 0$ electric bill – Free usage

Money – Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash

Solar Deck Lights are not connected to the power grid and not drowse electric power from your local electric company, so you can add as manny units as you like without increasing your electric bill and without damaging the environment, you will be harvesting energy directly from the sun, its free and limitless, ENJOY!!!

The lights are water proof and can operate under different kind of weather, they will turn on automatically once the sun comes down and it becomes dark.

Remember – No sun no light

Ok Solar Deck Lights are powered by light coming from the sun, if you are living in a state where there is no much sun like Seattle, I can’t recommend Solar Deck Lights as they will simply will not work most days. You better off buying 12volt garden lights

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