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Apple AirPods have really changed the way I consume music and movies, I’ve had numerous other bluetooth ear peaces before, none of them stuck with me, they are all stored somewhere (can’t remember where), there must be a reason why AirPods are different, I’ll to unveil it.

Apple AirPods work perfectly with your iPhone -Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

AirPods Sound quality – I’m sure there are other headsets with better sound quality, but they are much more expensive and don’t work seamlessly with al your other Apple products.

AirPods Size and Wight – First and formost the case fits everywhere, so you can keep it in your pocket all day long while the AirPods are charging, the ear peaces are tiny and weightless, sometimes I forget they are in my ears while running my daily chores, when a call comes in, I just tap the AirPod and the call is answered, very intuitive.

AirPods Comfort – Since I purchased my AirPods I prefer making all my calls using them, it keeps your hands free, and allows you keep doing what ever it is you are doing without interference, you can use one of them or both of them, it doesn’t matter, you can also answer the call by tapping the AirPod, or disconnect.

AirPods durability – Ok, I admit, one of my AirPods fell directly to the toilet, there was this “ploup” sound as it reached the toilet water and it sank right in, sitting there, looking back at me saying:

AirPod: “Save me…. Save me… I’m not lost, I’m still perfectly ok….”.

My thoughts: “Sh*t it’s a goner…. now I’ll have to buy a new one… , I’m not putting my hand in the toilet for this ear piece, no chance it will ever work again.”.

AirPod: “I’m OK, I’m OK, don’t flush the water….”

My thoughts: “Apple must have taken this situation into consideration while developing this product, it might still work if I’ll be fast enough, Fu*k it, I’m going in…..”

I dipped my hand in the toilet water and pulled the AirPod out. went to the nearest sink, washed my hand and the AirPod and dried them with some paper towel.

My thoughts: “I really hope that after sacrificing my hand to these toilet water the AirPod is still alive….:

I put the AirPod in my ear, played some youtube video, I waited a second or two and finally heard the magnificent sound of a perfectly good AirPod, a sight of relief…

AirPods cleaning – Ok, if you feel the volume of your AirPods decreases, it means it’s time to clean them from all the stuff you ear puts into them, just take a small pin or a pen and gently (really gently, not to damage the speaker) run it through the speaker holes.

You will be amazed how the sound improves after cleaning the AirPods, like every other product, it needs some maintenance.

I hope this post helps…

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